Wildlife Spotlight

Feature | 18th May 2017

Wildlife Spotlight: We were lucky to spot a blue headed agama lizard during a recent game drive.

Taking a private game drive through the reserve is one of the most exciting experiences available on safari at Shambala, as a variety of exotic and breath-taking wildlife may be encountered at every turn.

Our expert rangers are trained to spot the creatures you may miss, as was the case when sighting this tiny blue headed agama lizard.

Peeking out from a tree trunk, its vivid blue head during mating season makes it easier to spot. Many people believe the lizard is highly poisonous, but despite the noxious colour the males turn, be assured that there are no poisonous lizards in South Africa.

These lizards feed mainly on termites, ants and winged insects, and you can spot them basking in the early sunshine, being more active later in the day. This is when you may find males showing off their full colouring – the more ostentatious the colouring the better, as the most extravagant male will be the first to mate.

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