Important Works of Art

Feature | 11th May 2017

A look at the important works of art and carft that adorn The Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation on the Shambala Game Reserve.

The Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation features mosaics and paintings by local artists, giving the walls of the porte-cochère a colourful flavour.

On entering the home, the walls reflect feminine overtones, and one can almost hear them whisper… “I have carried the world since the dawn of time.”

A portrait of a Xhosa woman sitting quietly amongst her peers, smoking her pipe, gazes out from the canvas that brings her to life, her contemplative mood reflecting all that she has witnessed. These magnificent pieces are the emotive work of Laura Fraser.

And as one continues, see the playful art of children adorning the walls, paying homage to a revered ‘father’.

The Tactile Handcrafts factory near Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal was commissioned to weave the carpets.

Weaving the patterns by numbers, they used the ancient middle Eastern technique of hand-knotting quality wool and Mohair on linen warp.

Each row of Turkish knots was tied, and then a linen weft was woven through and beaten down. This process took experienced workers a month to produce 2 square metres, working to highest quality standards and producing a dense pile weighing 7kg per square metre.

The effort is rewarded with a luxurious feeling underfoot

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