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Shambala Private Game Reserve is actively involved in wildlife conservation. Our main objective is to maintain the most favourable natural conditions for the wildlife to thrive. The world's largest land animals, African elephants roam across much of Africa, but these magnificent animals remain under severe threat from poaching, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict. Just over 12 months ago, Shambala launched a rehabilitation programme to help elephants used for elephant-back safaris return successfully to the wild. The process has involved careful monitoring of the elephants, who have previously been used to considerable human interaction. Doctors and elephant experts have been involved to ensure the success of the programme, and research is being carried out to document the learnings of the team and share with others. Tinus Nell, the reserve's general manager, says, "The programme has been running for just over a year, and it’s been very successful so far; the elephants are happy and relaxed." Shambala also gives guests the opportunity to experience some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife while working on a team expedition to complete projects that are designed to improve life for all the species on the reserve. In addition to learning more about conservation you will see the immediate benefits of your volunteer work, while getting incredible sightings of the elephants.