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The months of October to April bring warmer temperatures and damper weather to the Limpopo province – an event triggering the rebirth of the magnificent African bushveld. Summer storms leave the bush fresh and revitalized. Foliage is green and lush, and the abundance of young animals offers guests new and unforgettable encounters. In this idyllic setting, Shambala truly epitomises ‘Paradise on Earth’. We share our insight into what to look forward to this season.


There’s something magical about Shambala in the summer – and we’re looking up. From early morning until dusk, the air fills with echoing birdcalls as countless numbers flock to the plains of Limpopo. The Southpanberg-Limpopo migration route brings the return of species such as the Gorgeous Bush-Shrike and African Broadbill - but it’s the Nylsvley Nature Reserve which radically transforms into a birder’s paradise. Known for its exceptional avifaunal diversity, the floodplain becomes a hive of activity and attracts numbers up to 80,000 in the wet season; a sight to behold for all waterbird enthusiasts.


The arrival of the wet season allows animals to move away from the watering holes and spread out into the endless, lush undergrowth of the bushveld. Our expert rangers have unparalleled, in-depth knowledge of Shambala’s wildlife and their behaviours. On game drives you may catch sight of predators, such as our pride of lions, roaming free in the wild, elephants ambling with their young or herds of antelope grazing the plains. A malaria-free region, lightweight clothes are recommended for the heat, along with waterproof item as Limpopo can experience heavy rainfall during the summer months.


In the summer in the Limpopo region temperatures climb into the 30s °C / high 80s °F. As most species seek shade by midday, game drives take place during the cool early hours of the morning and when dusk falls. At Shambala, you can enjoy the heat of the day fishing calm waters in the dam, or back at Zulu Camp, you can bask in the afternoon rays and take a gentle dip in the pool overlooking the lake.


With a summer rainfall average of 700ml each season, the Waterberg area experiences some spectacular afternoon showers which are themselves a magnificent and intoxicating experience. As rainfall pleasantly cools the air temperature, guests can look out from the haven of Zulu Camp or Nelson Mandela Villa and enjoy the stunning performance put on for them by Mother Nature as the heavens open. Game drives and fishing are just some of the many exclusive experiences available to guests staying at Zulu Camp or Nelson Mandela Villa on Shambala Private Game Reserve. Visit Our Experiences to uncover more.