Rich Roots

A realisation of a dream

2nd November 2001 marked the opening of the Centre for Reconciliation. The Centre is the pinnacle of hope and peace, a space for quiet contemplation and inner reflection. It is a place that represents the ideology of reconciliation. The philosophy of hope.

This remarkable home is a realisation of a dream, a gesture of friendship from one man to another. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. This is a tranquil retreat, a place where friends and associates can share the message of peace and reconciliation. Honoured guests and world ambassadors are present here today and express messages of appreciation.

A Peace of Africa

There is something magical about the African bush. It is an age-old mystery, a delicate balance of tranquillity, harmony and the harsh realities, a timeless rhythm.

This tranquil place echoes its natural surroundings and speaks of the harmony which Mr Mandela sought in a country for which he was prepared to give his life.

It was intended to be a place where Mr Mandela could hold key discussions with political and business leaders, and continue to promote peace in troubled regions. Here he would have the ideal peaceful surroundings, the tranquillity, the privacy and the freedom to take time for quiet reflection, to think, to write and to hold deep meaningful conversations.

A Place of Reconciliation

“This retreat is actually for reconciliation. As you see when you enter, this is the Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation, and the idea is that if I have the need to mediate between parties, the best atmosphere would be Shambala. But of course, I myself and my family would like to use this place for purposes of resting.”

– Nelson Mandela