Sink into deep relaxation with our unique Kalahari Facials each specially tailor made to suite you skin’s specific needs.

Honey Bush Facial


Kalahari Honeybush facial treatment is a combination of effective African plant extracts and oils that will nourish a dull and dehydrated skin. The skin will appear rejuvenated and ultra hydrated. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Phytic Clay Facial


The Phytic clay treatment contains effective ingredients such as glycolic acid and mandelic acid from almonds. This treatment clay accelerates collagen stimulation, skin rejuvenation and is suitable for pigmentation and problematic skins.

Revitalising Vita-Gel Facial


An ultra-revitalising, anti- ageing and rejuvenating gel mask enriched with natural moisture binding ingredients, alpha hydroxy acids and peptides. The combination of ingredients has a multitude of highly effective properties that will leave the skin visibly de-texturiesed and brighter.

Phyto Compound Clays


The Phyto Compound facial treatment is a custom compounded treatment with various effective options of Phyto clays, muds and gels. Area specific application ensures the optimum treatment results for all skins.

Baobab Vitamin C Facial

R1 100

This is an ultra firming, anti-ageing treatment rich in organic Vitamin C and essential antioxidants. Vitamin C will boost and improve collagen and elastin regeneration.

Phyto Enzyme Compound Facial

R1 100

The Phyto Enzyme treatment is a highly effective, deep cleanse exfoliation treatment with anti-ageing benefits leaving the skin visibly brighter and rejuvenated.