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Signature Journeys
Luxury Soul by Saxon Journey

1.5 hours | R2 460

Signature Journeys
Shambala Signature Journeys

90 min | R1 600

Signature Journeys
African Opulence Signature Journey

90 min | R1 600

Signature Journeys
Mindfulness Session

45 mins | R 980

Signature Journeys

90 mins | R2 100

Discover more spa treatments

A warm welcome awaits you at the Shambala Spa, with individualised treatments for relaxing, revitalising and rejuvenating the senses.

Manicures & Pedicures

Renewing the hands and feet – removing all the tension of day-to-day life.


Transport yourself to a total state of pure relaxation with our full body massages.


Sink into deep relaxation with our unique Kalahari Facials.

Luxury Chalet

Stay At Shambhala

Discover ultimate relaxation and and rejuvenation during your stay. The Shambala Spa is a unique, intimate wellness retreat situated in a secluded Bush clearing along the riverside.